History Channel’s Guide to the US States

If you’re a history teacher, the History Channel’s website should definitely be in your list of bookmarks. I find good things there every time I visit it. Today, I found the History Channel’s Guide to the US States. On this site you will find an interactive map of the United States. Clicking on each state in the map reveals a little history about the state, fun facts, statistics, images, and videos about that state.

The History Channel’s Guide to the US States also has two games for students to play to test their knowledge of the states. One of the games asks students to drag and drop the states into their correct locations to complete a map of the US. The other game asks students to identify states by their vehicle license plate logos and nicknames.

Applications for Education
The History Channel’s Guide to the US States could be a great reference resource for elementary school and middle school classrooms. Students can use the website to learn individually or you can project the videos for the class to watch as a group.

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