5 Interesting and Educational Twitter Gems

Before I share my latest list of Twitter gems, I have a question for Twitter users. Do you think it there is such a thing as following too many people?

I tend to agree with people like Robert Scoble (80K followers, follows 86K) and look at every real person (not automated spammers) as someone that I can potentially learn something from. In that regard there are very few times that I don’t follow someone back that follows me. I currently follow 1638 people. This is a list that I grew organically by following people that I find interesting and that others in my network find interesting. When I see someone in my network mention a name that I haven’t seen before, I usually end up following that new person. With a network as large as mine I find it impossible to keep up with everything. Despite not being able to see everything, I still think it is important to grow my list because it adds potential learning partners. In essence I’m using a quantity model. If I see enough tweets I’m bound to find good information. Other people believe in a quality model and are very selective in their following decisions. Which model do you use? How many do you follow?

Here are five fun, interesting, and educational things I’ve found on Twitter in the last 24 hours.
1. 12 Best Google Keywords for Finding Classroom Resources from @mrs_smoke
2. A Closer Look at Achievement Gaps in Math from @educationweek
3. Educational Technology Timeline from @isteconnects
4. Are You Too Old to Learn Spanish? from @spanishblog
5. Stick Science Cartoon Contest from @dannynic

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