Zoho Writer Now Works Offline Too

I haven’t written about Zoho Writer in quite a while because, truth be told, I use Google Docs for all of my document creation. For the record though, I prefer Zoho Show over Google Presentation and use Zoho Presentation to create and host most of my slideshows.

Yesterday, Zoho announced an improvement to Zoho Writer that allows users to work on their Zoho Writer documents without being online. Google Docs has had this option for a while so it was only a matter of time until Zoho Writer offered it too.

Applications for Education
Being able to use Zoho Writer and Google Docs offline allows students to write and edit then sync-up documents when they’re back online. This is a particularly useful option for students who have laptops, but don’t have Internet access at home or at any other place where they do school work without an Internet connection.

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