Weboword – Vocabulary Visualized

Weboword is a fun little website designed to help students learn new vocabulary words. Each of the vocabulary words on Weboword have cartoon drawings depicting the meaning of that word. Students are encouraged to submit their own drawings to Weboword. Weboword also offers crossword puzzles for students to try. Weboword appears to be a relatively new website, but the idea of the website is a good one. I hope that Weboword is able to get some traction and become a larger depot of vocabulary words and activities.

Applications for Education
The idea of having students create drawings to depict the meaning of a vocabulary word is a good one. You can use the Weboword concept with any collection of vocabulary words that you may have. The words that are currently featured on Weboword are probably best suited to use in a middle school or high school setting.

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