WebMynd – Google Search + Social Search

Considering all of the great add-ons that are available, it’s hard to believe that anyone would not use Firefox. One such add-on that I just installed is WebMynd.

WebMynd does two things for you. First, it creates a visual record of your search and browsing history. Second, WebMynd serves search results not only from Google, but also from wide range of other sources including Twitter. For example, when I did a Google search for the term “igloo” I received Google results on the left side of the screen and on the right side of the screen I had results from YouTube, MSN, and Twitter. I also could have selected results from Flickr, Wikipedia, and even Linked In. The screen shot below is what I saw when did my “igloo” search with WebMynd turned on.

Applications for Education
The option to get search results from social media sites could yield results that might otherwise get buried in typical Google/Yahoo/ MSN searches. For example if you’re looking for ideas for Kindergarten activities you might discover through social media results, ideas and resources that wouldn’t have appeared in Google results until you got to the 10th, 11th, or 15th page of results.

Being able to go back and visually search through browsing history could be a great resource for students. Some students might not remember the title of a website or why they bookmarked it, but they will remember why they thought it was important when they can see it.


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