Teaching With TED Talks

Last Friday, I posted on Twitter a comment and link about Siftables which were introduced to the world through a TED talk. In response to my mention of a TED talk, Twitter user Jackie Gerstein shared a link to a great wiki that she has started about building lessons around TED Talks. The wiki is called Teaching With Ted. The pages of Teaching With Ted are organized to feature a TED Talk(s) followed by links to related resources and ideas for teaching the concepts/ideas discussed in the TED Talk video. For example, there is a wiki page featuring Jill Bolte’s talk about brain science and strokes. Following the video is a link to a page of activities about neuroscience.

Applications for Education
Teaching With TED is a good place to find thought provoking videos and discussion questions for use in your classroom. Teaching With TED is a wiki so if you have ideas about teaching with TED Talks submit your suggestions to Teaching With TED.


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