Scholastic News Online – News for K-8 Students

The arrival of the latest issue of Scholastic News was an event I eagerly anticipated when I was in elementary school. Yes, I was a news junkie even in elementary school. The news junkies in today’s elementary schools don’t have to wait for the newest print version of Scholastic News, they can get it online at Scholastic News Online has news stories, feature articles, videos, and news games to play. To engage the students that aren’t enthusiastic news readers, Scholastic News Online includes some features on music, movies, television, and kids’ pop culture.

Applications for Education
If you build a class homepage using the Scholastic Class Homepage service, you can include Scholastic News Online in your homepage. Scholastic News Online is a great place for students to read, watch, and listen to the news independently. After having some time to explore the news independently you can have the students share out what they’ve learned.


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