Lite Type – A Multilingual Virtual Keyboard

Lite Type is a virtual keyboard that allows you type and search the web in your choice of 53 different languages. To use Lite Type select a language and begin typing. Lite Type displays a keyboard that shows you what each key on your computer’s keyboard will generate. The keyboard key is displayed directly below the box in which your typed text appears.

If typing alone was all that Lite Type does, I wouldn’t be writing about it. Lite Type has some other convenient features like integrated search for images, videos, and websites. Lite Type also has an integrated multilingual dictionary.

At first glance Lite Type displays a lot of advertising around the virtual keyboard and text box. Click the “remove ads” link and all of that advertising disappears.

Applications for Education
Lite Type could be a great resource for foreign language teachers and students. Lite Type removes the struggle of trying to figure out which keys do what when trying to type in a foreign language.

If you’re looking for more foreign language resources you may want to look at this list of ten foreign language teaching resources.

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