Image Spark – Build Photo Collages, Share Images

Image Spark is an image sharing service that at first glance didn’t seem like much, but upon my second look I realized the utility of Image Spark. Image Spark allows you to build collections of images that you find on the Internet and create collages of those images. Image Spark calls these collages “mood boards.” Every image and mood board you create can be set to public view or private view.

Uploading images to your Image Spark account is done through the use of a Firefox plug-in or through a standard browser uploader (the same style as is found on most photo sharing sites). I installed the Firefox plug-in and found that it was very easy to use. To use the Firefox plug-in simply right click on an image and select “upload to image spark.”

Applications for Education
Image Spark could be used to have students create digital collages around a theme that you assign. If you’re an art teacher having one way to use Image Spark could be to have students upload images they’ve created and make a collage using the images of all classmates. The students would be using the same set of images, but it would be interesting to see how each student organized their collages with those images.


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