Great Science Activities from Exploratorium

Exploratorium has an absolutely fantastic collection online activities for science students and science teachers. There are so many great educational resources on Exploratorium that I barley know where to begin. The online activities page of Exploratorium has learning activities for life science and physical science topics. From activities about sports science like fastball reaction time to activities about mutant fruit flies and activities about Antarctic ice, there is something to engage just about every science student.

In addition to the online activities page, Exploratium also offers some great online exhibitions and an online magazine packed with educational material. Science teachers looking for hands-on activities to use in their classrooms will want to check out Exploratorium’s hands-on activities page. Those teachers and students that use Second Life will want to visit Exploratorium Island in Second Life.

Applications for Education
Exploratorium has something for just about everyone. The bulk of the online activities can be accessed by students in the fourth grade or older. If you’re not in a one-to-one computing environment the hands-on activities page provides some great directions for fun off-line learning activities. Some of the virtual tours could be used on a Smart Board/ White Board.


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