Gaga Post – Group Blogging

Gaga Post is a brand new blogging platform that was demonstrated this week at DEMO 09. At first glance Gaga Post didn’t seem like much, but as I explored it I learned that it does have a couple of unique features. Two of the features unique to Gaga Post is the option to have each blog entry displayed on a timeline instead of the typical vertical blog style (like this blog). Gaga Post has an integrated Google Map that can display the location of where each blog post is written or the location each blog post references.

The primary purpose of Gaga Post is to make it easy to create group blogs and it does that well. Setting up a Gaga Post blog is very quick and simple. Simply register for an account, confirm your registration, and begin posting. Making your blog a group blog is as simple as typing in the user name or email address of those people that you would like to have contribute to the blog. Each blog post can be made public or private.

Applications for Education
Gaga Post is a simple blogging tool that teachers could use to create a group blog for a class. The integrated blog post map option could be used to have students in a geography class write about various places and have those places displayed on the map.


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