Fair Share – Track the Use of Your Digital Content

Fair Share is a neat website that I learned about today on Read Write Web. Fair Share tracks the work you have registered with Creative Commons. If you’re work is registered with Creative Commons licensing, you can track how the content you create is used and where it is used. Fair Share alerts you through an RSS type of system to instances of your content being re-used on the Internet. Fair Share alerts you to the type of website your content is displayed on and highlights for you the content that has been re-used. You can see and an example of Fair Share in action here. You will notice in the Fair Share example that you’re provided with statistics, like number of visits and percentage of content re-used, about the websites using your content.

As Free Technology for Teachers continues to grow I’ve become more and more interested in plagiarism and digital property rights. (By the way, I don’t mind teachers reusing the Free Technology for Teachers content as long it’s not for commercial gain). One way to track your work is to set up Google Alerts for key terms and phrases common to your blog or website. Another way to track the use of your digital content is to use Fair Share.

Applications for Education
If you’re an educational blogger worried about having your content re-used improperly, Fair Share might be worth using. Fair Share could also be used to demonstrate to students and or teachers, just how far reaching a blog can be.


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