Drop.io Adds Live Collaboration

Today, Drop.io unveiled another great utility, live chat. Drop.io’s live chat will allow users to host conversations about documents, slideshows, or any other media that has been uploaded to Drop.io. The other improvement that Drop.io has made lies in the stream or list of media that you upload. Newly uploaded media should now appear without the need refresh your page. Previously, you had to refresh your browser in order for the most recent uploads and edits to appear. The video embedded below gives a good overview of the latest Drop.io enhancements.

Drop.io is one of my favorite free web resources. Drop.io is where I host copies of documents and assignments for my students to access. And recently I began having my students use Drop.io to create digital portfolios. In the past I’ve also used Drop.io to create audio recordings. It is these utilities and more that justified including Drop.io in the list of my 12 favorite resources of 2008.

The video below gives a great overview of Drop.io’s latest enhancements.

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Applications for Education
The live chat option on Drop.io could be very useful for those times when your students are at home looking at an assignment you’ve posted and need clarification. You could chat with them about the assignment or they could chat with one of their classmates about the assignment.


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