Arkive – Images of Life on Earth

Arkive is a great website for biology teachers and students. Arkive has thousands of images and videos of threatened plants and animals. Arkive also has a Google Earth layer that students can use to view marine species habitat. The education section of Arkive has complete lesson plans including video clips and slideshows that teachers can download. There are lesson plans appropriate for use in elementary school, middle school, and high school. If you’re looking for a short educational activity, Arkive has educational games that students can play independently.

Applications for Education
Arkive is a great source of educational videos and pictures for use in a biology class. The news archive on Arkive provides timely reading materials that could be used in middle school or high school classrooms. The games are appropriate for use in elementary school or middle school.

I first learned about Arkive on Kelly Tenkely’s website iLearn Technology. If you haven’t subscribed to her website, I highly recommend doing so.


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