Second Brain – Organize Your Online Content

Second Brain is a service designed to gather and organize all of your online content in one place. If you’re like me you probably have content that you’ve created stored in a bunch of accounts on various services. For example, I have bookmarks in three different services, photos on Flickr, photos in my Facebook account, a Twitter account, a FriendFeed account, a Tumblr blog, hundreds of documents in my Google Docs account, presentations on Slide Share, and I have more than 1000 entries on this blog. Second Brain allows me import content from all of those services into one place where I can then sort and search by tags or key words within my content. Not only can I search my own content, I can search the content shared by other Second Brain users.

Second Brain is more than just a place to store and share content from a variety of web services, it is also a place where you can create new content. From within my Second Brain account I can post new content to Twitter as well as FriendFeed. Second Brain allows you to add new bookmarks through a Firefox bookmarklet. Overall, Second Brain makes a great homepage because you can access all of the content you’ve created on the web while also posting updates to your favorite social networking service.

The list of services that you can import content from into your Second Brain account is very long. Some of the services popular with teachers that can be imported into Second Brain are Diigo, Delicious, Google Reader, Blogger, Flickr, and Twitter.

Applications for Education
Second Brain could be a good tool for students to use to create a digital portfolio of content that they create for your class. Students could also use Second Brain to create a digital portfolio of content they’ve created across many courses.


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