Pictures and Cartoons from PRI’s The World

The World is a production of the BBC, PRI, and WGBH Boston designed to give American audiences a global perspective of the news. I’ve been listening to their radio broadcasts for years, but until this evening I had never visited their website. On The World’s website I found a number of great resources that can be used in the classroom. Two of these resources are audio slideshows and political cartoon slideshows. One of the audio slideshows that I particularly enjoyed is Journey Up the North Side of Everest narrated by Conrad Anker.

Applications for Education
PRI’s The World’s audio slideshows and political cartoon slideshows do provide students with perspective that they might not find in typical US news media. PRI’s Geo Quiz and Geo Quiz archives provide all students, regardless of locale, with an opportunity to test their geographic knowledge as well as expand their geographic knowledge.


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