Nixon’s Visit to China

President Nixon’s February 1972 visit to China is one of the high points of his administration and a historic moment in US – China relations. This week the National Archive’s “Today’s Document” feed has featured two documents about Nixon’s visit to China. Today’s document is the menu from one of Nixon’s dinners in Peking. Earlier this week, the featured document was a photo of Nixon’s plane landing in China.

The Nixon Presidential Library’s website has a section about Nixon’s visit to China. In this section you can listen to recordings of Nixon discussing the rationale for the trip and his post-trip reflections. You can also listen to Mrs. Nixon discuss the arrival of two Pandas at the National Zoo.

The PBS American Experience website has an interactive map of Nixon’s visit to China. The map highlights the places that Nixon visited during his seven day visit in February 1972. The map and the rest of the website are designed as companions to the PBS American Experience film “Nixon’s China Game.


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