NASA Quests and Challenges

The NASA Quest page is a great place for teachers to find activities for teaching about space and space exploration. Registration is currently open for classrooms to participate in two NASA Quests. The LCROSS quest is designed for students to learn about navigation in space and will conclude with students being able to make comparisons between navigation methods in space and navigation methods on Earth. The HiRISE quest allows students to learn about Mars and offer input as to the next image target for the HiRISE camera team.

If you can’t participate in either of those two quests, there are still great resources for your students on the NASA Quest page. NASA offers one dozen lesson plans, with activities for students, for teaching lessons about space science to elementary school, middle school, and high school students.

Applications for Education
Both of the NASA Quests described above offer students the opportunity to see space science in action. The quests and lesson plans give students to learn about space science through active learning activities.


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