Miro 2.0 – More HD Video and Download Options

The open source video player Miro impressed me the first time I saw it and it continues to be one of my favorite ways to download and store videos on my computer. Today, Miro released a bunch of updates and improvements including new HD channels and the ability to add more streaming websites, like Hulu, into your Miro player sidebar. The best improvement is the added ability to browse for videos while watching a video.

To learn more about Miro watch this short overview or visit Get Miro.

Applications for Education
Miro is a great way to download videos to use offline. If you work in a school that blocks most video sites, Miro is a good application to have installed on your laptop. You can download videos within your Miro player in a place where you can get on the Internet and then play them back at any time regardless of Internet availability.


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