Lizzer – A Handy Tool for Student Blogging

Lizzer is a new service that has great potential as a resource for students that are blogging or creating digital portfolios. Lizzer is a Firefox bookmarklet that allows you to search for pictures, videos, documents, and websites without having to leave your blog editor. Once the Lizzer bookmarklet is installed simply click on it anytime you need to find additional media to add to your blog post. Lizzer operates as a small multi-media search engine that you place anywhere within your broswer window. To find material through Lizzer, enter your search term and select the type of media for which you’re searching. When you’ve found what you’re looking for, simply drag it into the blog post you’re working on. The image below demonstrates the Lizzer bookmarklet in action.

Lizzer works with most blogging platforms including Edublogs (I just checked) and most email services including GMail, Hotmail, and Yahoo email.

Applications for Education
Lizzer could be a great little tool to have installed when your students are creating blogs. Lizzer allows students to stay within their blogging platform while finding images, videos, and links to include in their blog posts.


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