Ghost Blasters, Math Blasters – A Fun Math Game

Ghost Blasters is a fun mathematics game that I learned about last week through Anne Marie’s Talking Smartboards blog. Ghost Blasters is designed to help students learn to multiply and divide quickly in their heads. To play Ghost Blasters select a multiple of which each “bad” ghost will have a value that is a multiple of that which you chose. Students then use their mouse to blast every “bad” ghost. For example, if I select “5” at the beginning then all bad ghosts will display a multiple of 5. I then have to blast all of the bad ghosts to gain points, but if I blast a “good” ghost (a ghost that does not have a multiple of 5) I lose points.

Applications for Education
I played Ghost Blasters for a few minutes this afternoon and I think that elementary and middle school students would really enjoy it. Ghost Blasters is a great way for students to practice and develop multiplication and division skills.

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