View the Inauguration in 3D and More

This morning all of the world’s news outlets are buzzing about today’s inauguration. My students will be watching the inauguration on television. If you don’t have television in your classroom, but you do have a computer, most major news sites are streaming the inauguration live. CNN and Hulu are two of the many places where you can watch the inauguration online.

Here are some post and pre-inauguration activities you can use with your students today. The Google Earth Blog posted a 3D rendering of the inauguration sites and sounds that you can view in Google Earth. You can get the 3D inauguration layer here or here.

CNN has some good interactive maps of Obama’s road to the Whitehouse including this one featuring Obama’s “Whistle Stop” Train Tour.

Here is one last video reviewing notable inaugural moments providing historical context for the significance of Obama’s inauguration today.


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