Stinto – Quickly Create a Free Chat Room

There are many ways for students and teachers to communicate online in real-time dialogue. Most of those methods require each user to register and create their own user name and password. Stinto is a simple chat service that does not require chat participants to register or create their own user name or password. To use Stinto one person establishes the chat and then invites others to join the chat by sharing the unique url for the chat.

Applications for Education
Stinto is a quick and easy way to create an online learning environment without having to spend time establishing user names and passwords.

Stinto destroys the chat room when you’re done so there is no lasting record of the chat. This makes Stinto a good tool for teaching and modeling good and bad online citizenship. You could conduct a lesson in which you model improper online citizenship (sharing sensitive information that students shouldn’t post online) and have students point out what you’ve done wrong.


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