Inaugural Addresses – Eisenhower Through Bush

Hulu’s collection of inaugural addresses from Eisenhower through George W. Bush is the second educationally valuable item I found on Mashable today. Hulu has each inaugural address in its entirety for you and your students to watch online. I have embedded Jimmy Carter’s inaugural address below.

Applications for Education
Watching some of the past inaugural addresses prior to or after Barack Obama’s inauguration next week could be a good starting point for students to do a historical comparison assignment. You may want to have students pick a President, watch his inaugural speech and compare the issues of concern in that address with the one that Barack Obama delivers next week.

If you want students to go dig back a little farther and find out how each man came to win the Presidency, check out The Living Room Candidate. The Living Room Candidate is a collection of campaign commercials, debates, and speeches dating back to 1952.


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