A Worm’s Eye View of Composting

This evening as I was preparing a gourmet meal consisting of leftover chili and Annie’s macaroni and cheese, I thought to myself, “I bet Annie’s has some educational materials on its website.” I was right, Annie’s does have some educational materials including coloring pages and a children’s guide to growing an organic garden. Annie’s also has a link to the Organic Trade Association.

The Organic Trade Association has four educational resources. One of the resources is a pdf containing a composting activity for K-3 students called A Worm’s Eye View of Composting. Additionally, teachers will find two simple research activities and a selection of coloring pages.

Applications for Education
The learning activities and coloring pages from Annie’s and the OTA are appropriate for elementary school students. Before using these activities it is worth noting that both organizations do have an agenda they’re trying to promote.


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