Wired Antarctica – Life at the Poles

Wired Antarctica is a website designed to correspond with the Antarctic research of four professors, scientists, and teachers from Texas and Ontario. Wired Antarctica offers ten lesson plans and three educational games about Antarctica. The lesson plans are fantastic, they’re not the sort of blah, generic lesson plans that you find on “those” commercial lesson plan websites. The lesson plans are thoughtfully constructed, active learning activities.

Here is a video introduction to Wired Antarctica.

Another resource for teaching about Antarctica and climate change that you might like to explore is NASA’s Antarctica Quest. The quest is comprised of many activities completed online as well as offline in the classroom.

Courtesy of Snag Films you can incorporate the National Geographic movie Emperors of the Ice into a lesson about Antarctica and climate change. National Geographic has two detailed lesson plans that would complement the movie, you find those lessons here or here.

What started me on the quest to find high quality resources about Antarctica was a report published today by the BBC called Life at the Poles which refers to a recent project undertaken by British and German scientists to inventory organisms at the poles.


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