What I’m Using Right Now… Slavery and the Making of America

I get asked, by my immediate colleagues and by readers, on a fairly regular basis “which Internet resources are you using in your classroom?” Aside from the five that I use regularly throughout the year (Google Docs, Zoho Show, Google Earth/Maps, Edublogs, and Drop.io) I use other resources depending on where I am in my curriculum. In response to the question, “which Internet resources are you using in your classroom” I will try to start sharing more of what I’m using in my classroom from week to week. I teach six courses that are leveled 1,2, and 3 where 1 is your typical college bound student and 3 is comprised entirely of special education students of varying ability. At different times I’ll share the resources I’m using with each class.

This week my level three class is wrapping up an assignment in which they created comparison charts outlining the similarities and differences between the American Revolution, the War of 1812, and the US-Mexican War. All of the students have finished making their charts and are now writing a short essay in which they explain a pattern they’ve identified. As the students finish they will then move on to the PBS website Slavery and the Making of America. Exploring this website will give my students exposure to some of the terms and ideas that they will learn as we study Antebellum America, the Civil War, and Reconstruction.

Applications for Education
Slavery and the Making of America is a good resource for students to independently explore the history of slavery in the United States. On Slavery and the Making of America students can explore an interactive timeline, listen to slave voices, and view four online exhibits in a virtual museum.


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