The Week in Review

It’s Friday afternoon here in Maine which means it’s time to post the five most popular Free Technology for Teachers items of the last week.

1. Ten Resources for Preventing and Detecting Plagiarism
2. Creative Commons Explanations and Teaching Materials
3. The End to Copyright Confusion
4. TimeRime Multimedia Timeline Builder
5. Free Digital Photo Watermarking Tool

Last Friday I bought and registered the domain Along with registering the domain I created two new feeds to deliver content to readers via RSS and email. The original feeds still work although this week they didn’t seem to be as reliable or as quick as the new feeds.

To subscribe to the new RSS feed, please use this link.
To subscribe to the new email feed, please use this link.

Thank you to everyone that has subscribed, visits regularly, and shares the content with others. I started this blog thirteen months ago as a way to help teachers find free things to use in their classrooms and as long as people keep finding it useful, I’ll keep writing.


Thank You Readers for 14 Amazing Years!