TimeRime Multimedia Timeline Builder

TimeRime is a new addition to my list of excellent multimedia timeline creation tools. TimeRime is similar to one of my favorite timeline builders, Xtimeline. TimeRime allows users to create timelines that include text, images, audio, and video. One of the better features of TimeRime is that you can have more than one type of media for each event on your timeline. TimeRime users can also select which media type they want as the feature piece of each event. As we’ve come to expect with any web 2.0 tool of this type, you can embed the timeline in a blog or share it via email. I’ve embedded a sample TimeRime timeline below.

Applications for Education
Timelines have been a staple in the Social Studies teacher’s handbook for years. TimeRime and resources like it, put a 21st century spin on the standard timeline project. One way to really take advantage of TimeRime would be to have students role play events in history, film the role play, then post the video on the appropriate place along a timeline.


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