SqoolTube – Free K-8 Videos

SqoolTube is video resource designed for K-8 teachers and students. I originally looked at SqoolTube a few months back and at the time it did not have nearly as many video choices as it does now. SqoolTube offers ten categories of videos and dozens of sub-categories of videos. Visitors to SqoolTube can find videos for everything from learning to count to Algebra lessons and from basic spelling lessons to Spanish lessons. The only problem that teachers might encounter in trying to use SqoolTube is built upon videos hosted on YouTube so if your school blocks YouTube you will have to download the videos away from school to use them. You can read more about what to do when YouTube is blocked by clicking here.

Applications for Education
SqoolTube could be used in the classroom by students working independently or as part of a group lesson. A more effective way to use the videos might be to post them on your class blog so that parents can also watch them and discuss them with their children. Posting the videos on your class blog where parents can view them with their children is one way to keep parents involved and informed with what their children are learning in your classroom.


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