Refine Google Searches With Cloudlet

Cloudlet is a free Firefox extension that helps users refine Google search results through the use of a tag cloud. Cloudlet takes just a minute to install. Cloudlet doesn’t clutter your browser bar, as it only appears when you use Google.

What Cloudlet does is produce a tag cloud related to your search terms. Once you have installed Cloudlet simply enter search terms in Google as you would normally. To refine your search simply click on any of the tags in the cloud generated by Cloudlet. The screen captures below show the difference between searching with Cloudlet and searching without Cloudlet. Click here to watch a video demonstration of Cloudlet.

With Cloudlet.

Without Cloudlet.

Applications for Education
Cloudlet is a handy Firefox extension for students to have when they are struggling to find relevant search results or are struggling to refine search terms.

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