Newsweek’s Year in Cartoons

Last week I posted a link to MSNBC’s year in cartoons and year in pictures slide shows. This morning I was reminded, by Jeffrey Hill’s English Blog, of another year in cartoons resource. Newsweek has a collection of political cartoons featured in their magazine throughout the last year. Most of the cartoons are based on US politics with a healthy dose of global economics and global affairs thrown in.

Applications for Education
Those of you that are still in school today, may want to use the MSNBC and Newsweek year in cartoons and year in pictures as the basis for a discussion of the year’s top news stories. Those of us that are on vacation until 2009 may want to use these slide shows as a way to remind students of the past year and have them make predictions for the coming year.

A related resource that you may want to consider using in your classroom is The Week in Rap.


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