News Map – Visualize the Constantly Changing News Landscape

News Map is a Google News mash-up that I learned about through Fred Delventhal’s blog. If you’re not subscribed to his blog, I highly recommend subscribing, he shares a lot of great stuff.

News Map organizes and displays news stories from around the world. You can select the country or countries from which you would like to see the news. You may also select which type of news stories, (world news, national news, sports, etc) you want to see displayed. By selecting multiple countries you can discover patterns in the news across the world.

Applications for Education
News Map provides a good way for students to recognize similarities and differences between how a news story is covered in one country versus another. It is also a good tool for showing students how a story that is popular in one country may be insignificant in another. This is particular true if you select the entertainment news option.


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