Creative Commons Explanations and Teaching Materials

Earlier today I posted a link to free photo watermarking tool. Watermarking is great if you don’t want people re-using your images, but if you want to allow some re-use of your work, consider registering it with a Creative Commons license. Creative Commons licensing allows you to retain some of the rights typically associated with copyrights, yet allows others to use some of your work provided they properly credit you. Creative Commons is more than just a licensing option, it is also a resource for finding images, videos, audio, and text that you can use for educational purposes. The video below is a good introduction to Creative Commons.

Applications for Education
The Creative Commons directories are good places to find images, audio, and video that your students can use as a part of their digital creations.

If you’re interested in finding ideas and resources for teaching students about fair use and Creative Commons, make sure you check The Clever Sheep’s (Rodd Lucier) blog post 14 Tools to Teach About Creative Commons.


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