The Grapes of Wrath – Free Full Length Movie

John Steinbeck’s classic work The Grapes of Wrath has been taught in high school literature and history classes for years. When I read it in high school 15 years ago my mother coaxed and prodded me through it with the promise of renting the video of the movie for me after I finished reading it. Now the movie is available for free through Google Video. I have embedded below the full length version of The Grapes of Wrath.

Applications for Education
For high school literature teachers that teach The Grapes of Wrath the video is a good way to wrap-up the teaching of the novel.

For high school history and economics teachers
the story has a lot of relevance to today’s current economic climate. If your students aren’t ready to read the book or you don’t have enough time to fit it into your curriculum, the free video may be what you need.


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