Free Spelling Software Offer for Educators

Spell Quizzer is a program for Windows users looking for a spelling tutorial for their students. Spell Quizzer is a pretty straight-forward program that offers a couple of nice features. To use Spell Quizzer users create a custom spelling list by speaking into a microphone. Then Spell Quizzer plays each word back. When Spell Quizzer plays back each word, users type in the word. If a mistake is made while spelling a word, Spell Quizzer shows the errors. Click here to see some video demonstrations of Spell Quizzer in action.

Spell Quizzer normally charges $29.95 to download the software. However, I was contacted by the creator of Spell Quizzer who is willing to give away a free license to educators who contact him here. To get your free license you need to have an email with a .edu extension or other academic email (for example my school district is that can be verified. Please mention Free Technology for Teachers when applying for your free license of Spell Quizzer.

I do not have any affiliation with Spell Quizzer, I am just passing along an opportunity to get a piece of software for free. As you know, I typically do not link to anything that is not free.

Update: I was mistaken in saying that users had to download the software, this is not a download. Also I should have stated that generally after the first 30 days, users have to pay to use the service.


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