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Sauropol is a free platform for building and hosting your own website. Sauropol offers users the ability to make great looking websites without needing to have any coding ability. One feature that Sauropol offers that some similar services do not offer is the ability to use more than one template within your website. In other words, you’re not locked into using one format for all of your content.

As with other free website platforms you select the first half of your url and the second half is comprised of the company’s name. For example, the website I built on Sauropol is

Applications for Education
Sauropol, like other free website building and hosting platforms, is a free method for teachers to share information about their courses with parents and students. Sauropol looks great and has the capacity to host a calendar of important dates of which your students and parents need to be aware.

Sauropol is a also a free platform for students to develop and share content that they are creating for your course.

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