Woices – Podcasts Meet Google Maps

Woices (not voices) is a new, unique service that combines the ideas of podcast conversations with place-marking service of Google Maps. Using Woices users record a message in their native language and mark on a Google Map the place from which they are recording or the place that is the subject of the audio recording. Woices does not require users to have or to download any special software, you can record directly to the Woices website. Once a recording is posted other users can respond with their own message.

Embedded below is the Woices introductory recording.

Applications for Education
Woices could be a good web resource for foreign language teachers and geography teachers. Foreign language teachers may want to use Woices to find samples of native speakers for students to listen to. Geography teachers may want to use Woices as platform for recording and sharing information about their local environment or to hear others speak about their local surroundings.


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