Support Scott McLeod in Donors Choose Challenge

Donors Choose, an organization that provides grants for classroom teachers, is having a “bloggers challenge.” (Read more about Donors Choose).I thought about participating in the challenge myself, but then I realized that most of my audience is composed of the very people that will be applying for grants.

Dr. Scott McLeod, the author of Dangerously Irrelevant, is participating in the Donors Choose blogger challenge. (Read the details of the challenge). In case you’re not familiar with Dangerously Irrelevant it is a blog about the role of education in technology. Much of the work that Dr. McLeod does is helping school administrators adopt the use of technology in their schools. Dr. McLeod is challenging some of the “A-Listers” (TechCrunch and Robert Scoble) of the tech blogging world so he could use some support. If you know someone that is interested in donating to a very good cause or causes please direct that person to Dangerously Irrelevant. By the way, the prize for winning the Donors Choose Challenge is nothing more than bragging rights.


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