Exploring Mount Everest Lesson Plans

One of my life goals is to climb in the Himalayan Mountains. Although I will be in China for the climbing season on my upcoming trip, I will not have a chance to travel until after my teaching responsibilities are over in June. Nonetheless, I still hope to see the Himalaya. On that note, the following are some good resources for lesson plans about Mount Everest.

National Geographic Expeditions has a lesson plan for middle school students about the history and development of climbing Mount Everest. The lesson plan also touches on the physical challenges posed by high altitude mountaineering.

The American – Canadian Mount Everest expedition of 2001 created a website of lesson plans that can be used in reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies classes. In all there are roughly 30 lesson plans available on the website.

A physical education teacher at the River Valley Middle School in Grand Bay Westfield, New Brunswick developed an extensive lesson plan about the physiological demands of climbing Mount Everest. The lesson plan is titled the Mount Everest Challenge. This lesson would be a great way to incorporate science, physical education, geography, and history into an interdisciplinary project.

The Rest of Everest video podcast provides more than 100 hours of video and commentary from two expeditions to the Himalayas. If you’re looking for a way to show students what life on a mountain climbing trip is really like from start to finish, the Rest of Everest is the place to go.


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