Concharto – Atlas Meets Wiki

Concharto combines two easy-to-edit tools into one dynamic place to find geographic and historic information. Concharto is an atlas that can be edited by anyone just as Wikipedia can be edited by anyone. The basic layout of Concharto is a Google Map on each page and in the left margin is information about each placemark on the Google Map. If you find a map that you want to edit or information that you want to edit you can do so. If there are maps that you think need to be added, you can do that too. The policies of Concharto require that entries be written in an encyclopedic style, in other words, gossip/ tabloid stories are removed.

Embedded below is an example of a map from Concharto.

View A Larger Map

This screen shot captures what the Concharto atlas page looks like for the map above.

Applications for Education
Concharto is a good example of the type of collaborative projects that teachers and students can build together. To duplicate the same functions of Concharto simply create a wiki using your favorite wiki program (I like Wikispaces and PB Wiki) and embed a Google Map. If you have never tried to create a Google Map I recommend visiting the Google Maps User Guide.


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