Interactive Anatomy and Physiology Tutorials

While looking for some general biology interactive websites I stumbled across a couple of sites that look like they could be very useful for students taking anatomy and physiology (the toughest course I took in university) or an advanced biology course. The Medical University of South Carolina’s website is where I found links to more than one hundred tutorials about a wide variety of health problems and medical procedures. All of the tutorials found on the MUSC website are provided by Medline Plus.

Get Body Smart has number of tutorials and quizzes divided into eight categories of anatomy and physiology. Each category is divided into subcategories where visitors will find quizzes for each topic.

Applications for Education
Both of the websites mentioned above could be useful study tools for students taking a human anatomy course or an advanced biology course.
I wish these tutorials had been available when I was slogging through a semester of Human Anatomy and Physiology.


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