The End of Textbooks?

Professor Michael Wesch, producer of some fantastic videos about education in the 21st century, has started a great conversation on his blog. The conversation revolves around the topic of textbooks how some high schools don’t allow textbooks to be taken home from school. I encourage you to read his blog entry and join in the conversation. Here is a part of a comment I made on the topic.
“At times I’ve been encouraged by my colleagues not to let the books out of the room because “you will never see them again.” Yes, there are textbooks sent home that I never see again, but the alternative of keeping them locked up on a shelf only to be taken out for in-class reading is far more costly to our education system than a dozen lost books.”

In case you’re not familiar with Professor Wesch’s work, here is one of his very popular videos regarding education in the 21st century.


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