Video Demonstrations of the Periodic Table of Elements

The Periodic Table of Videos is produced by The University of Nottingham. The table features a video demonstration of the characteristics of each element in the table. Each element in the Periodic Table displayed on the home page is linked to a video. The videos are hosted on YouTube, but don’t worry The University of Nottingham provides an alternative server through which you should be able to view the videos. My school doesn’t block YouTube so I haven’t been able to test the alternative server yet. If you find that the alternative server does indeed work, please leave a comment and I’ll update this post.

Applications for Education
The Periodic Table of Videos is a great way for students to explore and learn about the Periodic Table of Elements. This could be a great resource for high school Chemistry teachers who don’t have access to some or all of the elements to make demonstrations for or with their students.

The Periodic Table of Comics that I shared last month might be a nice complement to the Periodic Table of Videos. Using those two resources in tandem can show students the serious and the “lighter” sides of science.

Here is the video about Oxygen that visitors will find on the Periodic Table of Videos.


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