Random Writing Prompts

Writing Fix is a comprehensive resource for writing teachers. Writing Fix features a random story prompt generator. What I like about about this particular prompt generator is that each prompt is created and submitted by real people and is reviewed by an educator before being included in the pool of prompts.

Writing Fix features so much more than just a random story prompt generator. Exploring the website a visitor will find ideas and plans for teaching all aspects of writing. Writing Fix offers a number of teaching strategies including a creative use of Post-It Notes which you can see by clicking here. And if you’re looking for online learning activities for your students, Writing Fix has a nice collection in their classroom tools section.

A reader of this blog, Courtney Rudd, told me about Writing Fix and I’m glad she did because it is a great website.

Applications for Education
The human reviewed aspect of Writing Fix’s prompt generator gives me a feeling of assurance that it could be used in any classroom without fearing that questionable content may appear. The collection of learning games and activities featured in the classroom tools section are great for students to learn and practice individually.


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