Poetry Visualized Provides a Lesson Plan Idea

Poetry Visualized can best be described as YouTube or SlideBoom for poets. The concept is poets and or film makers make a visual representation of a poem. An audio narration of the poem is played over the images representing the themes or words of the poem. Poetry Visualized is completely comprised of user-generated content which can be viewed on the website or shared via url links or by embedding the content into another website or blog. Below is an example of the type of video found on Poetry Visualized.

Applications for Education
Poetry Visualized’s terms of service state that users must be at least 18 or have parental/guardian permission to use the service. The concept behind Poetry Visualized, creating videos representing a poem, can be used with other free technologies like VoiceThread or SlideBoom. VoiceThread, which I discussed yesterday, gives users the ability to insert images into a slide show then record their voice over the images. SlideBoom is a slide show sharing service that gives users the ability to upload slide shows and retain the synchronization between the images and voice narration.

Below is a SlideBoom demonstration of adding narration to your PowerPoint slide shows.


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