Get Step-by-Step Math Help from Mathway

Mathway is a new service that I learned about from Killer Startups. Mathway is a free service that helps students learn to solve math problems. Mathway provides help with basic math problems through Calculus. Students can enter a math problem that they cannot solve and Mathway provides a solution along with a step-by-step explanation of how to solve the problem. Additionally, Mathway provides sample problems to explain commonly used mathematical concepts like slope-intercept form for example.

Applications for Education
Mathway is a great place for students to get math help when they cannot meet with a teacher or tutor. Mathway is also a resource that teachers may want to suggest to parents who are looking for a math refresher in order to help their children with math homework. If I was a math teacher (thankfully, I’m not) I would seriously consider adding a link to Mathway on my class blog.


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