Dell Inspiron 910 Will Have Ubuntu Installed

According to leaked information provided by Ars Technica and Gizmodo Dell’s new mini laptop will be available with Linux Ubuntu installed. The Dell Inspiron 910 dubbed the “Inspiron Mini” is designed to compete with the Assus EEE PC. The price of the Inspiron Mini is being reported as low as $299. According to Gizmodo’s report the Inspiron Mini should be available next week.

Implications for Education
Dell is one of the few major manufacturers to offer a selection of laptops and desktops with Ubuntu installed. Offering the Inspiron Mini with Ubuntu is going to make the Mini an appealing option for schools considering starting a one-to-one computing program. There are significant cost savings when schools buy computers with the Ubuntu rather than Windows or Mac OS which is why I’m always amazed that more schools don’t use Linux computing environments.


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