Spelling Game – Spin and Spell

Spin and Spell is a fun game for young students learning to spell. The game is completely web based and operates in Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari although in my testing there were a couple of glitches when using Safari. Spin and Spell asks student to pick from five categories of words to spell. Inside each of those categories are pictures and students have to spell the name of item in the picture by selecting letters from a wheel. Each time a letter is selected the wheel spins. If a student gets stuck and can’t spell the word there is a “show me” button which reveals the correct spelling of the word in question.

Applications for Education
Spin and Spell is an entertaining and engaging way for students to practice and develop spelling skills. The game can be played individually which makes it useful for differentiated instruction in the classroom. Spin and Spell can also be played as a two player game making it a competitive or collaborative experience. The visual clues provided could be helpful to some students to remember the correct spellings of words.


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