Collaborative Flowcharts is a new mind mapping web application. Like other mind mapping and flowchart programs, Flowchart allows users to export their work into other formats like PDF files. Flowcharts can also be exported as html for embedding into blogs and wikis. One feature offers that a lot of free mind mapping tools do not offer is the ability to include your own images as a part of your flowchart. The feature that Flowchart is promoting heavily is the ability to collaborate with other users in real time. Other mind mapping tools allow collaboration between users, but Flowchart allows users to watch changes as they are happening without refreshing your browser window.

Applications for Education
The real time collaboration aspect of Flowchart could make it a very useful tool for classrooms. Students can collaborate and brainstorm online in real time. The option to add images to the flowchart makes a useful tool for starting a conversation around an image or a document. is still in beta, but head over the website and watch a demo or sign up for a beta invitation.


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